Jaded Jane

JADED JANE, featured on 1st Dec 2018

Jaded Jane are a soulful soundscape pop duo from Sweden, established 2015.

The musical adventure of brothers Axel and Adam Jane Olsson began in their early youth, being the sons of musician Christer Olsson (Plums, Noll 31, Scandinavian 5) and a mother with a passion for music, growing up to the sounds of Motown, The Beatles and Michael Jackson to name a few. It was only natural for the brothers to develop a keen sense of melody, harmony and originality.

Emerging from the suburbs of Hammerhill / Gothenburg, Jaded Jane’s musical path eventually lead them to New York where they spent ten years back and forth immersing themselves with some of the most inspiring musicians on Earth.

After 3 experimental albums under the mentorship of sound artist Åke Linton, numerous national and international live shows, and a whole wave of support worldwide, Jaded Jane have evolved their sound and have just dropped their most ambitious album yet… “Salvation”, out November 17th 2018, in which they explore the soulful soundscapes of consciousness.